Social Capital Tour

Each year, W. P. Carey Leaders Academy and W. P. Carey Career Management and Employer Engagement collaborate to offer the annual Social Capital Tour. The program is intended as a professional development experience for select Leaders Academy students, as well as an opportunity to experience the diversity and culture of distinct American cities of industry. This year, the program will be offered in two cities, New York City and Washington DC held concurrently during spring break.

Participation in the Social Capital Tour requires a minimum of four informational interviews while in New York City or Washington DC. In past years, these informational interviews have resulted in meaningful advice and industry insight, strong professional contacts, and even internships. W. P. Carey career coaches may provide support in identifying and framing communications to prospective contacts, but it is your responsibility to set up these interviews.

The Social Capital Tour includes at least one dinner with W. P. Carey alumni who live and work in New York City or Washington DC, and may help you understand how to navigate the large, fast-paced city as young, urban professionals. You may also visit cultural attractions in the city, demonstrating the ability for business, education, arts, and culture to successfully integrate in a metropolitan area.

All W. P. Carey Leaders Academy students are eligible to apply; preference may be given to sophomores and juniors. Click here for the application and more details.