Business Data Analytics Advising

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Big Data is getting bigger. According to IBM, the estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data we create daily will add up to 40 zettabytes (43 trillion gigabytes) by 2020 — and that’s just the beginning. The W. P. Carey degree in Business Data Analytics gives you the tools to launch a dynamic career with global potential, in a business world increasingly ruled by data.

Business Data Analytics Advising: Academic Years 2017-2018 and prior

Major Requirements

Sequencing - Tempe
CIS 235CIS 325
CIS 365
CIS 315
CIS 355
CIS 375
CIS 415
CIS 450
Sequencing - ASU Online
Fall A
CIS 235

Fall B
CIS 325
CIS 365

Spring A
CIS 315
CIS 355
Spring B
CIS 375

Fall A
CIS 415

Fall B
CIS 450

  • CIS 235/236 is a prerequisite to CIS 315, 325, 355, and 365
  • CIS 315 and WPC 300 are prerequisites to CIS 375
  • CIS 315 and CIS 325 are prerequisites to CIS 415
  • CIS 365 is a prerequisite to CIS 355
  • CIS 355, CIS 375 and CIS 415 are prerequisites to CIS 450

Business Data Analytics Degree Courses

CIS 235  Introduction to Information Systems
CIS 315  Introduction to Business Data Analytics
CIS 325  Fundamental Techniques for Business Data Analytics
CIS 355  Business Data Warehouses and Dimensional Modeling
CIS 365 Business Database Systems Development
CIS 375  Business Data Mining
CIS 415  Big Data Analytics and Visualization in Business
CIS 450  Enterprise Analytics


Three hours of credit may be earned for internships approved by the Department of Information Systems; credit accrues through enrollment in CIS 484, which cannot count towards the major. Please contact or visit BA 301N for more information.


Business data analytics major advising is available on the Tempe campus. If you would like to schedule an advising appointment with the business data analytics major advisor but are located on a different campus, you are welcome to schedule a phone advising appointment, meet with the major advisor at the Tempe campus, or meet with a W. P. Carey advisor located on your home campus. Appointments may be scheduled online using Advising SOS.

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