Business School Council

The Business School Council is comprised of undergraduate students — first-year students through seniors — and provides leadership opportunities through planning and managing events and providing services to W. P. Carey students and the community. The group meets weekly and focuses on topics such as professional development, leadership, networking and effective communication skills.


Applications are typically taken in both the fall and spring semesters. For information on membership, contact

The W. P. Carey Business School Council serves undergraduate clubs and organizations affiliated with the W. P. Carey School of Business by organizing and promoting events including:

  • I-Week – recruitment event for all W. P. Carey clubs and organizations
  • Game Day – festive event celebrating ASU’s Homecoming
  • Phoenix Day of Service – community service event with the Phoenix Day School
  • Executive Luncheon Series – lunch and talk with an executive

Student Organizations

The Business School Council works closely with all of the W. P. Carey School of Business student organizations. These clubs all provide students with opportunities to gain leadership skills, meet new people, and learn from other like-minded students involved in the campus community.

John W. Teets Award

The Business School Council works every year to plan a year-end banquet to recognize the achievements of the student organizations throughout the academic year. In partnership with numerous accolades presented throughout the event, the Business School Council also coordinates the presentation of the John W. Teets Awards for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award as well as the Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award. The John W. Teets Outstanding Teaching Award was established in 1999 with a donation from John W. Teets to recognize and reward professors for excellence in teaching. Learn more about the legacy and impact of John W. Teets.

This award is student-driven; it is determined by a student committee based on nominations from students. Award recipients receive stipends in the amount of $7,000 for the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award; $7,000 for the Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award; and $3,000 for the Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistant.

The John W. Teets Outstanding Teaching Award is presented to professors who:

  • Inspire academic excellence, stimulate students to become active participants in their own learning and take pride in motivating students to do their best work;
  • Evidence a commitment to and enthusiasm for their students;
  • Possess a contagious love of knowledge;
  • Show enthusiasm for the development of students as well as for the subject matter of the classes they teach;
  • Strive, during each class session, to create a high quality learning environment;
  • Serve as mentors to link students to careers, professions or programs they wish to enter;
  • Are available to students beyond posted minimum office hours;
  • Have the ability to challenge students while distilling and synthesizing complex information to make it more understandable;
  • Are sensitive to the values and needs of a diverse student populace;
  • Have earned the respect of their students;
  • Exhibit creative and innovative teaching strategies in the continuous and sustained pursuit of teaching excellence.

The John W. Teets Outstanding Teaching Award will be presented to graduate assistants who:

  • Show enthusiasm for student success and for the subject matter of the classes they teach;
  • Go above and beyond the requirements to provide their students with meaningful understanding of the subject matter.

Any W. P. Carey School of Business student may submit nominations. All full time faculty members who have been at the W. P. Carey School of Business for at least two semesters and meet the above criteria are eligible.