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Think of a business as a machine. Good performance relies on a complex array of pieces seamlessly working together — much like a company’s success relies on well-managed business operations. The W. P. Carey degree in business administration prepares you to effectively manage people, finances, and risk for organizations of all sizes. You’ll graduate with versatile skills and knowledge, a competitive edge in the job market, and the tools you need to create value throughout your career.

Major Requirements

Sequencing - Poly and West
MGT 300
SCM 300
MGT 411
Track Course
BUS 384
Track Course
WPC 470
Track Course
Sequencing - ASU Online
Fall A
Track Course
Fall B
BUS 384
MGT 411
Track Course
Spring A
Track Course
Spring B
WPC 470


  • MGT 300 is a prerequisite to MGT 411
  • SCM 300 is a prerequisite to BUS 384
  • WPC 470 requires completion of the business core and international business course

Business Administration Degree Courses

MGT 411  Leading Organizations
BUS 384  Business Operations & Planning
WPC 470  Business Administration Capstone

Business Administration Track Options (9 credits)

Select one track: Administration, Healthy Lifestyles Coaching (offered to immersion students), Human Resources (offered at Poly), or Procurement (offered at West)

Administration Track - complete three courses (9 credits)
AGB 414  Food and Agribusiness Policy Issues
AGB 420  Food Advertising and Promotion
AGB 425  Food Supply Networks
AGB 435  Commodity Futures and Options Markets
AGB 445  Food Retailing
AGB 452  Global Food and Agribusiness Policy
AGB 456  Food Product Innovation and Development
AGB 481  Strategic Pricing in Food Markets
BUS 424  Sales and Negotiations 
BUS 434  Risk Management and Insurance
COM 353  Professional Communication
PHI 360  Business and Professional Ethics
PSY 304  Effective Thinking
MGT 400  Cross-Cultural Management
MGT 420  Human Resource Management
MGT 430  Negotiations
SCM 354  Procurement of Services
SCM 385  Business & Sustainability I
TMC 320  Funding the Enterprise
TWC 422  Social Media in the Workplace

Healthy Lifestyles Coaching Track Courses - complete three courses (9 credits)
CHS 300 An Exploration of Well-Being (SB)
CHS 340 Health Theory
EXW 101 Foundations of Health and Fitness Science
EXW 335 Physical Activity and Physiological Concepts
EXW 400 Stress Management for Wellness
HEP 380 Body Image and Wellness
HSC 355: Eating for Lifelong Health (SB)
HSC 440 Health Coaching Concepts and Skills
NTR 100 Introduction to Nutrition Science 
NTR 241 Human Nutrition
SSP 320 Coaching Leadership, Performance Team and Facility Management

Human Resources Track - complete three courses (9 credits)
Required course:
MGT 420 Human Resource Management

Choose two courses:
MGT 421 Compensation in Organization
MGT 422 Staffing
MGT 423 Training and Development in Organizations
MGT 424 Employment Law
MGT 425 Global Human Resources
MGT 426 HR Consulting Projects

Procurement Track - complete three courses (9 credits)
SCM 354 Procurement of Service
SCM 494 Advanced Procurement
SCM 494 Public & Non-Profit Procurement


Business Administration major advising is available on the Polytechnic and West campuses. If you would like to schedule an advising appointment with the business administration advisor, but are located on a different campus, you are welcome to schedule a phone advising appointment. All appointments may be scheduled online using Advising SOS.

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