Business Information Security Advising

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Today's organizations rely on cyber infrastructure to conduct business transactions with their customers and business partners. The BA in Business Information Security will provide you with core business skills and basic critical and problem solving skills necessary to understand how digital infrastructure should be organized and managed with business policies and frameworks such that the risks to organizational processes and transactions are minimized. The degree program would be ideal for those who are interested in managing digital business, working in organizations that predominantly conduct business online, and developing basic cybernetic technical competency relevant for most organizations.

Major Requirements

Sequencing - West
Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring
CIS 235 CIS 325
CIS 360
FOR 350 ACO 330 (Fall Only)
CIS 401
ACO 351 or ACO/CIS 402
Sequencing - ASU Online
Fall A
CIS 235
Fall B
CIS 325
Spring A
CIS 401
CIS 402
Spring B
CIS 360

Fall A
ACO 330
Spring A
FOR 350


  • CIS 235, MAT 211 and ECN 221 are prerequisites for CIS 325
  • CIS 325 is a prerequisite for ACO 330
  • CIS 401 is a prerequisite for ACO/CIS 402

Business Information Security Degree Courses

CIS 235  Introduction to Information Systems
CIS 325  Fundamental Techniques for Business Data Analytics
CIS 360  Business Database Concepts
ACO 330  Computer Networks (Fall Only)
CIS 401  Managing Cyber Risks in Enterprise Business Processes
FOR 350  Computer Forensics

Business Information Security Elective (3 credits, choose one)

ACO 351  Governance Risk and Compliance
ACO 402  Privacy, Ethics and Compliance or CIS 402  Privacy, Ethics and Compliance


Business information security major advising is available on the West campus. If you would like to schedule an advising appointment but are located on a different campus, you are welcome to schedule a phone advising appointment, meet with the concentration advisor at the West campus, or meet with a W. P. Carey advisor located on your home campus. Appointments may be scheduled online using Advising SOS.

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