Retail Management Advising

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Simplicity is the end result of retail done right — and retail done right requires a particular professional, with a particular skillset. Developed in partnership with industry leaders, the 100% online business degree in retail management prepares you for a dynamic career at the helm of any retail organization’s local, regional, national, or international operations. You’ll learn to reduce complexity, create gratifying buying experiences, and provide superior customer service to consumers worldwide.

Major Requirements

Fall AFall BSpring A Spring B
SCM 385

MGT 411
AGB 445
MKT 396
SCM 440
MKT 420
  • SCM 300 is a prerequisite for SCM 385 and SCM 440
  • MGT 300/303/320/380 is a prerequisite for MGT 411
  • AGB 321 or TMC 310 or MKT 300/302/303 is a prerequisite for AGB 445
  • MKT 300/302/303 is a prerequisite for MKT 420

Retail Management Degree Courses

AGB 445 Food Retailing
MKT 396 Essentials of Services Marketing
MKT 420 Retail Management
MGT 411 Leading Organizations
SCM 385 Business and Sustainability I
SCM 440 Quality Management/Measurement


Retail management advising is available online via a phone advising appointment. Schedule an advising appointment online using Advising SOS.

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