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Businesses rely on statistics to plan, launch, analyze, and optimize short- and long-term market strategies. Involving both theoretical and applied statistics, the W. P. Carey business degree in statistics focuses on practice and applied aspects of statistics. You’ll learn to draw business insights from the past, present, and future as defined by statistical analysis, and develop a skillset with real-world significance and global potential.

Major Requirements

CIS 310
STP 420
STP 310
STP 311
CIS 405
STP 315

Important Information

  • Above curriculum effective Fall 2019.
  • Students seeking a concurrent-degree with Business Statistics must follow 2019 catalog year or later.
  • Students seeking a change major to Business Statistics must follow 2019 catalog year or later.
  • STP 310, STP 311 and STP 315 are offered at the West Campus only.

Statistics Degree Courses

CIS 310 Business Data Visualization
CIS 405 Business Intelligence
STP 420 Introductory Applied Statistics
STP 310  Design and Analysis of Experiments
STP 311  Applied Regression Analysis and Time Series
STP 315 Statistical Computing


Business statistics advising is available on the West campus. If you would like to schedule an advising appointment but are located on a different campus, you are welcome to schedule a phone advising appointment, meet with the concentration advisor at the West campus, or meet with a W. P. Carey advisor located on your home campus. Appointments may be scheduled online using Advising SOS.

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