Ineligible Information

A student may be on academic probation but be ineligible to remain in W. P. Carey. This happens when a student has a cumulative ASU GPA below 2.00 for two consecutive semesters, but did not receive a term GPA of 2.50 or higher with all C grades or above.

A student who is on academic probation but ineligible to remain in W. P. Carey must change to a major offered by a different college at ASU. A student in this position can return to W. P. Carey by meeting the following requirements:

ASU GPA: 3.00 or higher
Transfer GPA (if applicable): 3.00 or higher
All 8 skills classes completed with grades of C or higher:

  • ACC 231
  • ACC 241
  • CIS 105
  • ECN 211
  • ECN 212
  • ECN 221
  • MAT 210
  • MAT 211

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