Medical and Compassionate Withdrawals

Medical Withdrawal

May be requested in extraordinary cases in which an extreme unforeseen circumstance, such as serious illness or injury, prevents a student from continuing his or her classes, AND incompletes or other arrangements with the instructors are not possible.

Compassionate Withdrawal

May be requested in extraordinary cases in which an extreme unforeseen personal situation beyond the student’s control prevents a student from continuing his or her classes, AND incompletes or other arrangements with the instructors are not possible. (for example, the serious illness of a child or spouse or the death of a parent, child or spouse)

Required Documentation

All requests require thorough and credible documentation. Usually, consideration is for a complete withdrawal; application for less than a complete withdrawal must be specifically documented to justify the selective nature of the request. It is your responsibility to ensure appropriate forms and documents are included and complete, otherwise the medical designee may seek additional information from you, from your instructors, or from those providing the documentation. Verification of authenticity of documentation is standard practice.

Supporting Documentation Guidelines

Below are guidelines for your documentation, the documentation you submit will be specific to your situation. The documentation should corroborate your request by either strengthening the request or providing a timeline for event(s).

For example:

  • If your request involves a death, attach a copy of the death certificate, airline itinerary and receipt, funeral pamphlet, etc.
  • If your request involves an illness or injury, please ensure the following are included in a note from your medical provider:
    • the date of onset of illness
    • the dates you were under professional care during the semester of the request
    • the general nature of your medical condition and why/how it prevented you from completing your course work/attending class
    • the date of your anticipated return to school
    • the last date you were able to attend class

These are a few examples. The documentation provided by each student is unique to their situation. The documentation should contain more information about the circumstances and support your personal statement.

All documentation must be submitted before your request can be reviewed and processed.  

Things to Consider

If you are receiving financial assistance, you are strongly encouraged to consult with the Financial Aid and Scholarship Services to identify and understand the financial assistance/monetary implications of processing this withdrawal transaction.

The medical and compassionate withdrawal process is primarily focused on the student’s academic record as it relates to the student’s health and wellness. In some cases tuition refunds may also be granted through the medical and compassionate withdrawal process, however, this will depend on each individual student’s circumstances. 

Please be advised that misrepresentation of circumstances or falsification of documents will result in the student being referred to The W. P. Carey School of Business Academic Affairs Office for disciplinary action.

Students utilizing VA benefits should consult with the Pat Tillman Veteran's Center prior to applying for a medical or compassionate withdrawal.

If approved, a grade of a "W" will appear on your official transcripts. A note will also be placed adjacent to the approved semester on your unofficial transcripts as noted in the example below. Please note that a "W" grade cannot be removed from your record by this process. For more information about grading policies, please contact the ASU Registrar's Office directly.

Unofficial Transcript Notation Example:
Fall 2030 Medical Complete Withdrawal Effective 12/01/2030

Medical and Compassionate Withdrawal Submission

Before submitting a medical compassionate withdrawal request, please review the directions and sample request. 

Directions and Sample Medical Compassionate Withdrawal

Submitting a request does not guarantee approval, as each case is reviewed individually.

Submit a withdrawal

Assigned Medical Designee

Enrique Quinones
Medical Designee
Undergraduate Office, BA 160
W. P. Carey School of Business
P.O. Box 873406
Tempe, AZ 85287-3406