Financial Aid and Scholarships

Study Abroad experiences can add significantly to the overall cost of undergraduate education. There are multiple resources to draw on in order to help cover the expense of a study abroad program. Some of these resources include:

Financial Aid

The majority of students use financial aid in the form of loans and grants to pay their study abroad costs. Students enrolled in a sponsored study abroad program are eligible to use the following types of financial aid toward the cost of their program:

  • Subsidized Loans - These are loans provided by the federal government that do not accrue interest while still enrolled in a degree program.
  • Unsubsidized Loans - These are loans provided by the federal government that accrue interest from the time the loan is accepted.
  • Parent Plus Loans - These are loans provided to parents by the federal government to help pay the cost of tuition and fees.
  • Pell Grant - This is grant money provided by the federal government that does not need to be re-paid when at the completion of a degree program.
  • University Grant - This is provided by ASU and does not need to be repaid at the completion of a degree program.

In order to be eligible for most financial aid, you must complete the FAFSA. Please note that the academic year cycle for financial aid purposes is Fall + Spring + Summer. Summer aid, however, is usually not indicated when financial aid packages are determined.

A summer study abroad program requires that students:

  • Save financial aid from Fall and Spring disbursements to apply toward Summer
  • File a separate application for summer aid toward the end of Spring semester

Please note, the cost of study abroad for any term can be included in the overall cost of attendance at ASU. Once accepted into a study abroad program, print the program cost sheet, sign it, have a Study Abroad Office coordinator sign it and drop it off at the Financial Aid Office. Most often, this increases student loan eligibility.


In general, there are few scholarships available to help fund study abroad programs. Students that receive an ASU administered scholarship are able to use those to help pay the cost of their study abroad program, such as:

  • ASU President’s Scholarship
  • ASU Provost Scholarship
  • ASU Dean’s Scholarship
  • National Merit Scholarship
  • National Hispanic Scholarship
  • Obama Scholarship*
  • AIMS Scholarship**

If you have ASU dependent waivers, you can only use them on a program that charges ASU tuition, such as an exchange program. For all other program types, dependent waivers cannot be utilized to pay the cost of the program.

*Obama scholars can only make use of scholarship funds for one semester of study abroad, and only after attending ASU for at least one academic year.

**The AIMS Scholarship is a waiver of tuition and will require an itemization from the Study Abroad Office of the portion of program fees that are tuition and non-tuition.

Other Study Abroad specific scholarships include:

Scholarship NameGPA EligibilityAward AmountsSource
W. P. Carey Study abroad Scholarship3.25$500-$1000W. P. Carey School of Business
W. P. Carey Poortvliet Scholarship to the University of Carlos II de Madrid3.25$500-$1000W. P. Carey School of Business
Study Abroad Office Travel Grant2.5$750SAO Travel Grant
Third Party Provider ScholarshipsVariableVariableCheck your Study Abroad Program Application for a link to provider scholarship if you are attending programs run by CAPA, CIEE, IFSA-Butler, ISA, SIT, SFS, & Semester at Sea
Gilman ScholarshipNone but CompetitiveUp to $5000Gilman  You must be Pell Grant eligible
Boren/NSEP ScholarshipNone but CompetitiveUp to $20,000 for 1 academic yearBoren  You must be studying a critical language
Critical Language ScholarshipNone but CompetitiveVariableCLS  You must be studying a critical language
Fund for Education Abroad ScholarshipNone but CompetitiveUp to $10,000 for 1 academic yearFEA

Please note that all scholarships will have other eligibility requirements; read all requirements to determine full eligibility for a scholarship program. The Study Abroad Office offers how-to workshops throughout the semester on financing your study abroad program.

Additional Scholarship Resources


By using the G.I. Bill to pay educational costs, you can pay for part of your study abroad expenses if the program of study requires a study abroad experience, such as the International Business Certificate. The Pat Tillman Veterans Center will require an invoice from the Study Abroad Office that details the tuition and non-tuition portion of your bill. Your Study Abroad Office International Coordinator can provide this once you are accepted into a program.