Overload Requests

Term Overloads

W. P. Carey students are allowed to enroll in up to:

  • 18.5 credits maximum in any combined Fall and Spring A, B, and/or C Sessions
    • 9 credits Session A
    • 9 credits Session B
    • 18.5 credits Session C
  • 14 credits maximum in any combined Summer A, B and/or C Sessions
    • 7 credits Session A
    • 7 credits Session B
    • 9 credits Session C

Requesting an Overload

In certain circumstances, we will consider granting an overload to allow students to enroll in more credits than allowed for a term/session. Overload request are submitted through Advising SOS. The overload request determination factors include: rigor of intended course load, GPA, withdrawal history and other student-related factors.

Overloads will be considered in three credit hour increments. Ex: A student must successfully complete 21 credit hours before being considered for 24 credit hours. 

First-Year Students

    • An overload request of 19 credits in Term 2 will be reviewed, if Term 1 GPA is 3.25 or higher.
    • Must complete two terms of coursework at ASU before Term 3 overload will be reviewed.


    • Must establish an ASU GPA based on completion of 16 credit hours or more before an overload request will be reviewed.

*Overload requests typically take one week to process. You will receive the outcome via your asu.edu email.