Computer Information Systems Advising

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It is a critical part of every business and organization — in every industry around the world. You will find your future with Computer Information Systems is limitless. The W. P. Carey business degree in computer information systems delivers the tools you need to meet rising demand for experts in systems analysis, business applications programming, business database design, and decision support across public, private, nonprofit, and government entities worldwide.

Computer Information Systems Advising: Academic Years 2016-2017 and prior

Major Requirements

Sequencing - Tempe Campus
CIS 235CIS 340
CIS 365
CIS 345
CIS 425
CIS 401
CIS 430
CIS 440
Sequencing - ASU Online
Fall A
CIS 235

Fall B
CIS 340

Spring A
CIS 365

Spring B
CIS 345

Fall A
CIS 425

Fall B
CIS 401
CIS 430

Spring A
CIS 440

  • CIS 105/200/220 and MAT 210/270 or MAT 211/271 are prerequisites to CIS 235
  • CIS 235/236 is a prerequisite to CIS 340, 365, and 401
  • CIS 340 is a prerequisite to CIS 345
  • CIS 340 and CIS 365 are prerequisites to CIS 425
  • CIS 345 and CIS 425 are prerequisites to CIS 430
  • CIS 425 and CIS 401 are prerequisites to CIS 440

Computer Information Systems Degree Courses

CIS 235  Introduction to Information Systems
CIS 340  Business Information Systems Development – Part 1
CIS 345  Business Information Systems Development – Part 2
CIS 365  Business Database Systems
CIS 401  Managing Cyber Risks in Enterprise Business Processes
CIS 425  Electronic Commerce Strategy
CIS 430  Networks and Distributed Systems
CIS 440  Systems Design and Electronic Commerce (L)


Computer information systems major advising is available on the Tempe campus. If you would like to schedule an advising appointment but are located on a different campus, you are welcome to schedule a phone advising appointment, meet with the major advisor at the Tempe campus, or meet with a W. P. Carey advisor located on your home campus. Appointments may be scheduled online using Advising SOS.

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