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Thesis / Creative Project Guidelines

Honors students pursuing a thesis / creative project through W. P. Carey are encouraged to review W. P. Carey Thesis / Creative Project Guidelines. Additional guidelines or standards may be required by the thesis committee or academic department of the thesis director. Students are encouraged to connect with the Faculty Honors Advisor in the department within which they will be pursuing the thesis well before starting a project.

Download the W. P. Carey Thesis / Creative Project Guidelines

Online WPC Thesis Guide

Honors students can access an online WPC Thesis Guide in Canvas. This resource helps students navigate project basics while the project is in progress. Students will find information such as CITI training, IRB approval, survey design, and how to collect and analyze data to be particularly helpful within this resource.

Enroll in the Online WPC Thesis Guide here.

Barrett, The Honors College Resources

Additional recourses and information can be found on the Barrett, The Honors College website.

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