Residential Engagement Leader

Residential College Mission Statement

The W. P. Carey School of Business Residential College strives to develop a community where business students feel connected through engagement opportunities with staff, faculty, students, alumni and local business leaders. The business residential community (The Business Community) is a place where intellectual and social growth is fostered.

Becoming an Engagement Leader

Engagement Leaders live-in the Business Community and work in collaboration with the W. P. Carey School of Business Student Engagement Coordinators, ASU Office of Residential Life, Community Assistants, and other W. P. Carey staff and faculty to facilitate the success of students living in the Residential College.

As an engagement leader, you serve as a positive role model and will assist in programming and event planning (idea generation, marketing, planning and execution), engage in engagement leader trainings, proactively interact with RC students, encourage residents to participate in hall events and must regularly communicate with the Student Engagement Coordinator and other staff.

Through these efforts, you can enhance your leadership, time management, program management, event planning, and communication skills. Engagement leading is a great way to give back to W. P. Carey and to pass on your leadership models, knowledge, and experience to new students.


  • W. P. Carey sophomore, junior, or senior with a minimum 3.0 overall GPA
  • Purchased meal plan
  • Have lived on campus (not required, but preferred)


  • Develop new programs for the W. P. Carey Residential College students
  • Provide marketing for community events
  • Create and manage program budget
  • Attend Camp Carey as camp facilitator
  • Maintain a professional relationship with students, Engagement Leader staff, and hall staff
  • Attend fall and spring trainings
  • Attend bi-weekly Engagement Leader staff meetings
  • Abide by all Residential Life rules
  • Serve as a mentor and provide academic support to the residential students

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Ashley Khan
Coordinator Senior, Student Engagement
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